MoMed Supplies


During this pandemic, supply chains broke down and many of our government agencies and healthcare providers were left without critically needed supplies. Companies like Cardinal Health, McKesson, and Medline (the Big Three) were unable to supply their clients, or they put their clients on rations because their  supply chain broke down.

We offer our clients a Supply Chain Insurance Program
that will guarantee:

● A consistent, uninterrupted flow of supplies
● A price that will never increase.
● On time delivery

We are able to do this because we are the manufacturer, and we control the  production schedule. Unlike the Big Three, we will never overextend our production capabilities. Once our production line capabilities are full, we do not accept new clients until our capacity has expanded. Whether you allow us to supply 20% of your monthly needs, or 100%, never again will you have to wonder where your essential supplies are coming from, or if you will have enough to make it through the next month.